My products are made from 100% pure, un-spun merino wool. The Merino originates from South Africa or South America depending on availability from non-mulesed flocks. The dyes used are commercial acid dyes which confirm with Oeko-Tex 100 quality system. Merino wool is a special fine wool that consists of many thin fibers and possesses fine qualities. The wool has a self-cleaning ability because the fiber surface of the wool is water repellent, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth and poor odor.


As with all woollen products, pilling may occur with heavy use. Pilling is not a defect, it’s simply a natural result of friction. The fibres in un-spun wool are effectively just placed together and so the more we touch them the more likely they are to come loose and roll into small balls that sit on the surface (pills). The good news is, if you’re not fond of the pills, they’re very easy to remove. The best thing to do is to gently tease each pill away with your fingers and then stroke the stitch down so you don’t have any fly aways.


If it would be necessary for your product to be freshened up, it is primarily recommended that you only air it. Merino wool is stain and water resistant so when it comes to splashes and drops of tea/coffee they are relatively easy to maintain. If you should get a stain on your merino wool product, clean immediately! Run the stained area under cold water and once the stain is removed, press out all water and let dry un a flat surface. Flip it around a few times during the drying process. Important not to twist the wool as it can loose it's shape and structure.  

Don’t be afraid to give it a good shake or plumping to re-shape it. Merino is a wonderfully tactile and elastic fabric that adjusts very well.

Do not wash your product in a washing machine since it will cause the product to loose it's cloud-like softness. It may also shrink and change shape.